Professional Foot File

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Use the LOVASKIN Wonder File in combination with our Instant Foot Peeling and experience the softest, smoothest feet you hadn’t felt in years. Rediscover your feet, feel free and confident again to show them all year round and at all times. All you need is a few minutes to keep them smooth and healthy. You deserve no less.

Discover the LOVASKIN Wonder foot file entirely designed for effortless and quick results. For best results, use in combination with the Instant Foot Peeling to finish the foot treatment. See and feel the LOVASKIN difference.


  1. ERGONOMIC: Its curved and extra long handle ensures a comfortable grip and allows you to reach your heels and toes without bending over.
  2. EFFICIENT:  Surgical grade stainless steel surface with perfect sharpness quickly and effortlessly removes the excess dead skin cells.
  3. DUAL SIDED: One coarse side for removing the more resilient hard dry skin and one for smoothing skin and giving your feet the perfect finish.
  4. WATERPROOF: The stainless steel coating of the foot file can be disinfected with alcohol or rinsed with hot water a perfect hygiene. Not suitable for sanitising in an autoclave.
  5. RESISTANT:  It’s light weight and heavy duty stainless steel coating ensures maximum durability.