Product Storage

We ask our New Zealand based users to be mindful and read the details below regarding storage of our products, particularly with the fluctuating climates in New Zealand.

Our Bottles/products should not be in direct light or next to a window. We advise being mindful of where the products are when in use and when stored, i.e. NOT near UV light or natural light (this is also uv light).
All Gelish products should be stored in a constant temperature range of 13C - 27C in order to optimize the quality of the products. If the temperature is constantly changed or above the recommended storage temperature, this could compromise the quality of the products as chemicals react to temperature, both hot and cold.
All of our products have a shelf life, usually a number with an M next to it (meaning months) on the container. This shelf life becomes effective from when the container is first opened. Our batch numbers will indicate how old the product is.

Please note that GelishNZ are not obligated or required to exchange or refund any products past their shelf life, nor any products that are stored incorrectly.