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Vortex Dust Collector

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The VORTEX™ Portable Nail Dust Collector features a space-saving design with unparalleled airborne dust collection ensuring cleaner air for nail technicians and clients without compromising the speed of e-file services.

The VORTEX™ Portable Nail Dust Collector is ultra-slim and features the smallest footprint available in a dust collector. At just 2.16” high and roughly the size of a standard magazine, this space-saver won’t leave nail stations feeling cluttered or crowded. The VORTEX™ is supercharged with 4300 RPM of power! It combines quieter operation with maximum dust removal for a new class of high-level performance.

VORTEX™ has both plug-in and portable power capabilities and our high-capacity battery allows nail technicians to move through the salon with a full day of portable client usage. The VORTEX™ can even be used while charging if needed! Best of all, the VORTEX™ is designed with advanced circuitry that eliminates inconsistent power levels while in battery mode.

Providing clean, dust-free air improves the salon experience for nail techs and clients both! Dust exposure can aggravate respiratory conditions, which may cause some clients to avoid nail salons completely. We are eliminating airborne dust with the VORTEX™ Portable Nail Dust Collector for cleaner air and a healthier salon environment!