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GELISH Brush-On Builder

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Available in a 15ml bottle

Gelish® Structure Brush-On Builder is the perfect, thicker viscosity designed for nails that need the hardness of a hard gel, but still have the ability to soak off to remove. Easy brush-on application, perfect for overlays, tip overlays, and sculpting!

Vegan, cruelty free, and 15 free*!

Extend – Take nails to new lengths with strength using forms or tips for faster enhancement services

Overlay – Brush-on gorgeous and longer lasting gel polish and lacquer services

Build – Layer on to create curvaceous, structurally strong nails at any length

Create – Our advanced, bubble-free, optically pure formula forms the perfect platform for stunning nail art and encasements.

How to use: 

Prepare your nail as usual for your enhancement application. Apply your chosen Perfetto Nail Tips or Perfetto Nail Forms and apply a thin coat of Foundation to the natural nail and Perfetto Tip, if using tips, and cure for 5 seconds in your chosen Gelish® LED Light.

SCULPTING – sculpt out a thin free edge application, creating your length and shape. Cure for 30 seconds in your chosen Gelish® LED Light. Apply a thin layer of Gelish® Structure Brush-On Builder to the entire nail and do not cure, this will act as your slick layer. Place a bead of Gelish® Structure Brush-On Builder at the stress area or down the center of the nail. Gently manipulate into place and allow to level. Cure for 30 seconds in
your chosen Gelish® LED Light. Remove the inhibition layer with Nail Surface cleanse and a Wipe It Off™ lint free nail wipe, and finish file to contour and smooth. Your now ready to seal with your chosen Top It Off or continue with your Gelish® color application. Once sealed with Top It Off you can choose to finish with MorganTaylor® nail lacquer.