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18G LED Unplugged

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Designed to outperform the rest, 18G UNPLUGGED™ is the first LG lithium
battery powered LED light engineered using Gelish’s® exclusive Intelligent
Power Assist™ – advanced circuitry that eliminates inconsistent power
levels when used in battery mode.

From the moment the Gelish® 18G UNPLUGGED™ Professional Mobile LED
Light is on battery, power is managed and monitored with real-time power
levels made visible by our large display.

And, the Gelish® 18G UNPLUGGED™ Professional Mobile LED Light comes 
fully loaded with all the gold-standard, high-performance features you love about the Gelish® 18G Professional LED Light, including Comfort Cure, plus exclusive technology designed to meet the demands of mobility!

• Intelligent Power Assist™ for consistent, high-performance LG Lithium
battery-powered curing
• Displays real-time battery level, power level and LED countdown
• Backlit Gelish® logo visualizes battery power level eliminating guesswork
• Ideal 5, 30, and 60-second settings plus on/off button
• 60-second setting eliminates heat spikes with exclusive Gelish® Comfort
Cure™ technology
• Replacement batteries available