20 Sep 2023

Tech Tip: Perfetto Nail Forms

Perfetto Nail Forms are versatile for salon use and give technicians the ability to sculpt nails on every client. With Perfetto Nail Forms technicians can easily create a variety of nail shapes and lengths best suitable for the client.

Nail forms are very easy to apply, but they are also very easy to apply incorrectly. If there are any areas when their form is not applied correctly, they will leave a weak point in the finished nail; this can compromise the structure of the nail leading to cracks and breaks.

Ensure the form is secure under the free edge of the nail, by leaving a gap between the form and the free edge it can create a structural weak point in your application. Product will run into the gap causing a glitch which is very easy to catch and break as it grows out.

The angle a form is placed on is very important, the correct placement for a form is parallel to the nail coming straight out from the finger. If a form is placed in an upward angle this can cause the nail to have a ski jump look, meaning you may need to overbuild to create a balanced look. Placing the form in a downward angle can cause the nails to have a hook or claw like appearance. Placing a form too much to the right or left, will effect the overall look and esthetic of the nail, either creating a twisted look or unnatural c-curve. 

Tech Tip: Perfetto Nail Forms
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