17 May 2023

Tech Tip: Gelish Xpress Dip Powder

Gelish Dip powder is a finely milled polymer powder which is absorbed into the Dip Base Coat to deliver beautiful colour payoff.

Recently our Dip'N Brush powders have been reformulated so they are compatible with Monomer meaning they are a two in one product which can be used for Dip nails or Liquid and Powder (Acrylic) nails or 3D design.

Over time as the powder sits on a shelf or in a drawer it becomes compacted and can cause the product to bunch when dipping as it is more dense and creates a sort of resistance to the nail being dipped. *Bunching is when you get areas that are uneven and or higher then the rest of the nail.

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When working with the Gelish Dip system it is important to shake or roll the powder to loosen the polymer, which will allow for a more even application. 

When using the Gelish Dip powders for Ombre Dip application it is the opposite. It is important to have compacted powder which will allow for better absorption into the Ombre Dip Coat. To achieve this, tap the bottom of the jar on a flat hard surface which will release any air within the product making it more compact.


gelish xpress dip powder
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