12 Jun 2023

Tech Tip: Chrome Stix

Gelish Chrome Stix make chrome application so simple and easy with the built in chrome powder re-loading your sponge each time you place the lid on.

When using any chrome, it is important to take care ensuring the edges are sealed correctly. It also pays to let the customer know they need to be more careful as it could wear more easily.

To get the longest possible wear from Chrome Stix, we recommend removing any excess Chrome from the free edge of the nail using either a gloved finger or a 240/240 File to gently remove the product from the free edge. This will allow you to seal the product in. Depending on the customer, it may be beneficial to apply a layer of Structure Gel or Foundation Base Gel or even a second layer of Top Coat for extra support.

If you're experiencing chipping or flaking, this is generally the next step after the Chrome has started wearing at the tips. This can be prevented by doing the above steps, removing any Chrome powder from the free edge of the nail and applying an additional coat of either Structure Gel or Foundation Base Gel over the top of your Chrome application, then finishing with the Top Coat of your choice.

Tech Tip: Chrome Stix
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