15 Jun 2022

Soft Gel Tips and Tricks

Nail artist and influencer Stephanie Loesch (@_stephsnails_ ) has been creating gorgeous on-trend designs that push her creativity for all of her adult life. Her salon in Lodi, California is where all the magic happens. A scroll through her Instagram reveals pretty backgrounds, blingy sets, and a glimpse into her artistic mindset. A look at Stephanie’s page also reveals this awardwinning nail artist’s love for Gelish Soft Gel Tips and all that’s possible when using them. Read on to learn her tips and tricks for working with Gelish Soft Gel Tips.

What are Gelish Soft Gel Tips?

Gelish Soft Gel Tips are a quick and easy way to enhance nails. Tips are pre-shaped in the trendiest shapes and are made with a jelly-like material that contours to the natural nail for up to 21 days of wear applied in 20 minutes or less. Watch Now


1. Apply Gelish Tip Primer to both natural nails and to the Gelish Soft Gel Tip. Apply Gelish Soft Gel Tip Adhesive to the Gelish Soft Gel Tip.

2. Place and hold the tip onto the nail. Flash cure and repeat on all nails.

3. Cure nails for 60 seconds.

Steph’s Pro Tips

  • Always make sure to prep the nails, as leaving dust or cuticle on the nail plate can cause lifting.

  • When applying the Tip Primer to the Tip, try not to apply beyond the size of the nail bed if you’re wanting a “clear tip look.” The primer can cause distortion if you apply too much.

  • The amount of product on the brush does matter! If you take too little and need to add, it can cause air bubbles as the product already applied bonds to the new product you’re trying to add. Take more product than you need and float along the extension moving side to side. Pull away by twirling your brush as you pull allowing the product to slowly separate.

  • Most importantly do not fill the whole extension, judge the size of the nail bed and where the free edge would end and fill to that point of the extension. Also avoid bringing the product to the edge, you’ll want to leave small gaps on the bottom and sides to ensure the product has some room to spread as you apply.

  • Once the extension is applied, flash cure so you keep the position and do not risk product spilling from the sides while you move toward the lamp.

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"If you’re looking for a cute way to show off your painted tips, create a unique display. I made this nail tip clothing rack using barbecue sticks, embellishments, and glue. It’s a fabulous way to show clients what you can do in a creative way."

Soft Gel Tips and Tricks
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